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Pain is Underrated

A Christmas Carol revisited

Fan Service, Easter Eggs

Critical essays on those boys are a goddamn dime a dozen

Conservatism as Skeptical Solution to Life

Don’t you know that you can count me out?

Bowie in Berlin in Fragments

A conversation with “Notes on the New Formalism” by Dana Gioia.


The Great Mortality: An intimate history of the Black Death, by John Kelly (a M/A classic)

Comics and the imagination

Poetry Bloodbath

Song as Thoughtwriting: the illustrated edition

The Consolations of George Herbert

Oh Those Noumenal Comic Books

Edmund Burke and the limits of pragmatism

Your remote viewing superpower

Winters Wields his Cudgel

Looking Back

Three Massachusetts Limericks

William Wordsworth Book Report

Anarchy, State, Dystopia

On Better Endings

On *Defending My Enemy*:

Meter and Rhyme—Defended? And, On Interpretation.

A Theory of Justice

But your English is so good!

Some Remarks on Form in Philosophy

Thinking about Feeling

Lives of the Eminent Philosophers: Socrates

The Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

On Beauty, Part 3

Andrew Doyle on Free Speech

Confessions of a Completist

Milton, Meter, and Style

Nietzsche, Neuroscience, and Ancient Greek Heroes

Lives of the Eminent Philosophers: Anaxa-gaga

On Appearance Emotionalism

Ontological Realism

Whittington on Free Speech on Campus

Anarchism, Experientialism, Revolution

On Beauty, part 2

Lives of the Eminent Philosophers: Chilon to Pherecydes

On Beauty, part 1

Janet Malcolm, expression in art, and Shakespeare

Form and Meaning in Poetry

Lives of the Eminent Philosophers: Solon

Two ways to read a poem

Lightning Reviews: January

Lives of the Eminent Philosophers: Thales

Notes on Kinship with Strangers

Narrators Everywhere